Friday, September 24, 2010

Channel One

James & JF Presents
Created and Performed by: Emily James & Ishah Janssen-Faith

Wonderful opening of the show and these two young talented women where totally in character throughout the show, alive from beginning to end with fresh excellent movement going all the way with everything they did. The Emily James piece with a love song was original and showed. It is such a joy to see an original song in the clown festival. It was edgy material through out the show. This is the only show that used stage combat with a leg kick to the face that worked. Emily who gave the kick and Ishah who received it where spot on. The audience interaction and play was good and you could tell these two performers are use to improvising with in their set show. The dream catcher piece by Emily was very enjoyable with peacefulness, power with surprises. There rhythm of their show was very good. The only thing that did now work for me was the phony accent by Ishah. There was beautiful sick warped material throughout this show. This was there last show of the festival but I do recommend you catch these two performers that partner well. You can follow them on:

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