Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Diz and Izzy Aster Vaudeville’s Late Bloomers

Diz and Izzy Aster
Vaudeville’s Late Bloomers
Happenstance Theater in Rockville, MD

Wow – what a pleasure to see these two perform. They have one more show Thursday September 9th at 7 PM. Do not miss these two pro performers. Every moment on stage is filled. Play their own music – all popular music from Vaudeville era. My father played Jazz Piano and recall him playing all these tune when I was a little tiny kid. Diz and Izzy work well together, going through different emotions and physical feats. We have excellent acrobatics that one does not notice. Meaning the situation begs that Izzy uses his skill without looking like ‘OK I am doing an acrobatic trick”. There was none of that. All the tricks used need skill, talent to be performed well and Izzy did. Diz character play very well and the audience was laughing with these two almost through the whole show. One thing would love to see them add if they could work it in is credit to some of these old passed composers of this wonderful music. Talk about prop manipulation – it is masterful prop manipulation that they do. You can tell they have taken the time to explore and play these moments to look fresh and new when ever they perform. Every moment they are totally involved with every detail and played the whole time.

One more show Thursday September 9th at 7 PM
Website: www.happenstancetheater.com

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