Sunday, September 5, 2010

Puberty or Menstruation a Bloody Funny Female Clown Event

Created and Performed by: Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee
Directed & dramaturged by Byron Laviolette
Associate Producer: Avery Pearson
Lighting Design: Robin A Paterson
Costume & Props: Heather Marie Annis
Sound Editing: Amy Lee
Stage Manager: Byron Laviolette

The opening is wonderful, going into the theatre and it sets a good mood for the show. Puberty for women looks to be a very different experience for women than men. With the main theme Menstruation I definitely missed a lot of the Menstruation jokes, but it was fun to look around the audience at all the women laughing and the men having puzzled looks and like they wanted to flee the theatre of this bloody funny female clown event. They seem to hit many important points about Menstruation for young women that many women in the house seemed to relate to. The men well…we enjoyed the clowning. This is the performers and directors choice but I would have like to see more of a varied tempo from Clown Morro, after a while it was the same bit and reaction over and over again. Towards the end of the show Clown Morro showed more depth moving in different directions. Clown Jasp showed an excellent depth going through all kinds of problems using different levels of emotions and change. In clown theatre it is always wonderful to see the clowns grow and change which both of these clowns do. The prop manipulation in the show is good. Mainly different types of equipment used by women during Menstruation, but would love to see more investigation in playing with all of these different props.

Music I found did more to limit the performers than enhance the piece and experience. It stopped us from being involved in the piece and we were involved in these pieces of music taking us out of their Puberty Clown World into the world of these pieces of music and films they were from. Without most of the music the performers would have had a chance to play the emotions that the music was filling in. We the audience can do that and would love to see the performers take us there. Of course no musician, orchestra received any credit, which is a major problem for all of the shows using music. Especially if they want to move onto the next professional level and they find they cannot get permission to use any of the music. A few selections of music I had heard in two or three other shows in the last 24 hours. One piece of music is used so often in so many bad show over the years, it is just sad and shows weakness to use it. Performers trust yourselves and risk, you are good enough to carry your shows with canned popular music.

It is good to see these clowns tackle an issue they can really be involved with and care about, which makes for a good show. Bottom line Puberty is a show to see – I do have some problem with over all tempo of the show, which can be a little better. But it is one clown show not be missed especially women wanting women issue clowning and men liking to watch women laugh at their issues.

Next shows
Thursday, September 9th @ 8:30pm
Friday, September 10th @ 9pm
Sunday, September 12th @ 9pm
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