Friday, September 24, 2010

The Last 2010 Clown Theatre Festival Cabaret

It was a joy lining up outside to see this last Clown Festival Cabaret. There where many people including directors and friends that helped some of the performers refine or put together their acts. Hilary Chaplain and Audrey Cabtree hosted this last Cabaret and it was a sell out. In fact many people that wanted to by tickets could not get in. Of course that left many people wanting to by tickets out side with the just past full moon with all of these festival participants, directors, friends and bloggers including me outside.

For about an hour or more everyone joked with each out, net worked. I passed out a few of my flyers about “Creating Original Material” Clown Theater Lab I am teaching starting October 5 going every Tuesday (except election night November 2), until November 30th, contact me at if you want to sign up or for more information about this workshop or rather lab. I was handed a post card about the National Puppetry Conference and the show Puppet Pandemic taking place at The Tank October 2nd at 7:30 and 9:30 and October 3rd 7:30 and 9:30. People were joking and clowning around, one person whom will remain nameless said, “Lets lock them all in so they cannot get out.” This received a very quick response from inside with Robert bolting out saying, “that is not funny!” Taking a little prop action removal. Of course he came out to explain how city inspectors had come by twice making sure everything was safe and fire laws where up to snuff. A few small changes where made. That was the height of the drama outside.

Tanya finally said let go to a bar and most people left for the bar to party on. I stuck around just incase someone left. Hilary Chaplin suck her head out at one point for air saying, “Eeeeeeeryone is going long. They don’t understand that shorter is better. Going overly long does not help.” Standing outside and seeing many of these in the past, I agree. The Cabaret does need a hook for those selfish performers who go way too long. A warning to the performer on stage – then the bottom drops out of the theater and a fresh act comes on. Finally two people left and I got to come in. It was the final piece of the Cabaret. (Jonathan Kaplan it turns out I missed as I was outside during his turn on stage. Watson is not Kaplan.) Watson Kawecki’s 8 Minutes of Wonder, it was fantastic and from what people tell me was the best piece of the night. Of course they could have said that just to make me feel good. It was original, different, funny as hell, unique, and shows this performers true talent, which I am looking forwards to seeing more of. He used his props very well, creating and building his own time machine and had a great ending. From what I saw it was a great Cabaret inside and out. The bar report I will have to leave for other people comment on.

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