Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Send In the Angles

Created and Performed by: Denni Dennis & Clare Perry-Jones

One thing about Denni that people have learned from past festivals, he is always doing something different and interesting. It is a joy to see Denni and Clare working together. Lecoq said, “A sole clown is always looking for his partner which is why so many go into the audience. They are looking in the audience for their partner.” Here Denni and Clare have found their partner and they work well together, the result something different, wonderful and interesting.

Their flying scene starts out with wonderful music. Not sure if they orchestrated the music themselves or if some orchestra played it and they just used it as there was no credit for any of the music and no program insert. One of the first jobs of clown theatre is for the clowns to create and take their audience into their magical world, which these two clown did very successfully. There opening was wonderful, but I would have like to see a little more going on while they were flying to the music or fly without music so more can happen. This is one problem with music – performers often let the music do things for them so they do not have to. Denni and Clare also used music well at times in their show. But the world they created was wonderful.

They also play with the audience in a very none abusive way. Yes, you can hit the audience with pillows and not be abusive. The show did have an arch and build. The pillow fight was wonderful. I did see the Denni open the one pillow just before everything started flying. It looked like a small technical glitch.

It looks like they have only one more show Wed September 15, 2010 – but have noticed they tend to pop up in surprise places here and there. Do try to see these wonderful unique clowns. All the audience was laughing and smiling.

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